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KickDr Advanced Kicking Applications Workshops

By Aurora Ferrer

Master Roland Ferrer's Kick Dr. Series
With 43 years of experience in competitive Taekwondo, both Open Style Tournaments and World Taekwondo Federation Tournaments, 24 years of experience in Kickboxing and Muay Thai and 27 years of coaching/training state, national, international and olympic athletes, Roland has the experience few teachers have. In his Kick Dr. Series, Roland shares his 43 plus years of martial arts experience in multiple styles and systems with the focus on kicking. His mastery is in being able to develop and teach the offensive, defensive and strategic application of any kicking technique.

He is an effective and encouraging instructor, asking the most from his students at the same time making sure he gives them the skills to succeed.

About Roland's Kick Dr. Series in his own words: Why my Kick Dr. Series?
"The Kick Dr, Series is about developing your kicks to their full potential and making your newly acquired repertoire of kicks an integral part of your fighting vocabulary. As they say 'knowledge is power'. The more knowledge you acquire in any subject the more power and confidence you'll have in it. The tools, techniques and application from my 43 plus years of experience will give you an edge whether it be for training fighters, prize fighting, street self-defense or for serious martial arts enthusiasts." The Art of Kicking" in under utilized in the MMA world but is now starting to emerge.  Having spent  my entire martial arts career kicking, my understanding of this range is second nature and my ability to apply the most sophisticated kicks in the MMA arena is my niche.

Private Coaching for Athlete Development
These are one on one training sessions for athletes training for martial arts competitions. Privates focus on creating winning fighting strategies through developing an effective offensive and defensive repertoire tailored for the individual's strengths and abilities. We can also create specific strategies for individual opponents and/or competitions. Master Ferrer also works with coaches and trainers to help them develop their athletes to their full potential.

Seminars / Workshops /Privates / Strategy Consultant

-OTC (Olympic Training Center) Footwork
           Level 1:  Fast Feet (Warm-up)
           Level 2:  Lightening Feet (Intricate footwork)
      *Each level is 1 hour long
-Kicking Foundation (Levels 1 - 4)
           Level 1:  Front kick
           Level 2:  Round kick
           Level 3:  Side kick
           Level 4:  Back kick
      *Each level is 2 hours long / Technique & Application

-Advanced Kicking (Levels 1 - 3)
           Level 1:  Hook kick / Spin heel hook
           Level 2:  Axe kick / Cresent kick (inside & outside)
           Level 3:  Tornado 360
      *Each level is 2 hours long / Technique & Application

-Aerial Kicking (Levels 1 - 5)
           Level 1:  Jump front / Jump axe / Jump switch / Jump cresents
           Level 2:  Flying side / Double flying side / Sling shot
           Level 3:  Double & Triple round / Machine gun / Capoiera round

           Level 4:  Nadabon hook / Cut backs & hooks / Fast cut backs & hooks
           Level 5:  Cartwheel  / Side aerial / 540
      *Each level is 2 hours long / Technique & Application

-Kickboxing/MMA - Levels 1-3
           Level 1:  Punch / Elbow / Knee / Kick
           Level 2:  Kick set-ups for Punch / Elbow / Knee / Kick
           Level 3:  Baiting & Trapping for kick finish
       *Each level is 2 hours long / Technique & Application

-Street Defense Kicking (Kicks to incapacitate)
       *2 hour session

-Kick Takedowns & Sweeps
       *2 hour session

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