Sunday, January 11, 2015

Letter to Police Officer, Firefighter and Military Personnel

Dear So Cal Peace Officer, Fire Fighter & Military Personnel,

I first want to thank you for being of service to our communities. You face potential life-threatening dangers everyday so that the rest of us don’t need to.

Last week I had a Police Officer visit my studio and ask about practical hands-on self-defense classes for himself. When I asked him why he wanted to learn and train in these techniques he answered, “Because I have a family and I’d like to come home to them”. Being a family man myself, my heart went out to him. I promised to work with him on his days off.

His visit got me to thinking about all the brave people serving and it  inspired me to begin offering special hands-on/reality-based classes open only to active or retired Peace Officers, Fire Fighters and Military Personnel. They are special weekly training classes offered at Kadan Martial Arts. I share techniques and practical applications with this class that I am unable to do with the general public or even my advanced martial arts students.

Because I want those in service to be able to apply these self-defense techniques in high stress situations, muscle memory is key in the training. Seminars and workshops are fine for general info and for basic application but I’ve learned through 30+ years of coaching and training Olympic Athletes that there is NO substitution for repetition and consistency in training. The only way we can be sure that our bodies will react effectively and efficiently in high stress is by practicing a technique or combination often enough that our brain no longer needs to think because our body knows what to do automatically.

If you are interested in participating and/or know other Peace Officers, Fire Fighters and Military that would be interested please email

Thank you once again for all you do and may you always, safely, find your way home,

Master Roland Ferrer

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